Bible Prophecy Revealed

The Expected Coup of the Left

by Michael D. Fortner

There are legitimate intelligence experts, journalists, and politicians who believe the liberals are planning a coup to take over the government. Sebastian Gorka is a U.S. military and intelligence analyst who frequently appears on FOX News. He said the entire 7th floor of the FBI “looks at the White House as the enemy.” Many of the federal agencies like the IRS are already being controlled by the liberals, plus the Main Stream Media, the universities, and many corporations.

The FBI has done many things against the American people, such as in the early 1980s when they coerced John DeLorean into agreeing to make a cocaine deal to help finance his car company, then they arrested and prosecuted him for it; all because he was manufacturing his car in Ireland instead of America. They may have even recruited Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate John F. Kennedy.

Should the coup happen, California will likely be the first state to recognize the new government, but many states will call the new leaders illegitimate and refuse to follow any orders from the new government. Some states will likely join together for military and economic reasons, thus splitting America into several parts.

There is no way to know how long this will continue until we get nuked and invaded, 3 months, a year, 3 years, it is impossible to know at this point. As time goes on, I believe God will reveal how long it will last, but right now I have no idea.

If this happens, then it could be something like this: The coup happens then right before the start of WW3, or right at the end of WW3, and since the liberals hate Israel, they will be the ones responsible for dividing Israel in the peace agreement.

If you want detailed information on the possible coup, go to google and youtube and search for “coup against trump.”

There is evidence that they are already doing what is being called a “soft coup” by working against Trump in every way possible, leaking intel, and other things. But this is not likely to actually bring him down, and so they could decided to do a hard coup.


Copyright 2014 by Michael D. Fortner