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Prophecy of extreme heat

I just came across this prophecy that was given to me by a friend back in 1989, Louise A. Williams, that I have since lost touch with. There is no record of her, or her ministry to children in India, so I suspect she has died. It likely applies to events during the Great Tribulation, but some of it appears to be happening now:

While praying with the children this is what came to me: “The Lord is going to cause disaster on this land. Those who follow “me” will not perish. I take care of my people. Those that worship other gods will perish. There won’t be water for growing rice, for drinking. Those that turn to me will have all.

The heat will be unbearable; people will drop in the streets, but my people will be cool. There will be cool breezes wherever they are gathered. Only my people will be able to rest at night. The others will have no rest.

When the land turns to me and destroys all other gods and temples then and only then will it flourish. My people must get ready and be prepared. Not all areas in the land will be in distress at the same time. It will move like a plague from area to area. Those that turn to me will flourish, the rest [will be] destroyed.

Warn the people so they can prepare, some will listen, some won’t. Those that do are of me, those that don’t never were of me.

One Thought on “Prophecy of extreme heat

  1. There are several Specific actions that will take place before the seven year tribulation
    predicted in the catholic, books of the TORAH and the king James versions. My estimate
    is around 2020 the Great Tribulation Will start. when the ANTI CHRIST makes a peace
    treaty with the country ISRAEL for seven years. But after three and one half years into
    the treaty the country Russia will break the treaty. My estimate will be around 2024.
    At that time Russia and her ARMIES from the ARAB COALITION of several large ISLAMIC
    ARAB countries which include IRAN, EGYPT, SAUDI ARABIA, TURKEY, IRAQ and others.
    The battle will take place at ARMAGEDDON. This place is located east of ISRAEL in the MOUNTAINS. ISREAL WILL DESTROY this ENEMY and will drive them back to SIBERIA.
    NEXT, CHINA and six other EASTERN countries will again try to DESTROY ISRAEL but
    will be defeated. But in this battle one third of all living creatures will be burned up. This leads me to conclude NUCLEAR WEAPONS on both SIDES WILL LIGHT up the SKY for WEEKS. IN the END the BEAST(ANTI CHRIST) and FALSE PHROPHET will lead the rest of the SURVIVING EVIL FORCES against ISRAEL. BUT at this 11 th hour JESUS CHRIST WILL APPEAR in the HEAVENS with his ARMY of GOOD ANGLES. The BEAST and the
    False PROPHET will then be cast alive into the lake of fire with the WORD GOD. Then the Angels will kill all of the REST and ther will be perfect PEACE for 1000 years.

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