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China and the PreTrib Rapture

Here is a quote I have taken from another website that does a good job of showing how the Pre-Trib Rapture let down the Chinese Christians:

Nate Krupp, who runs Preparing the Way Publishers, in Salem, Oregon, relates that in 1976, Corrie ten Boom personally shared with him that the Chinese Christians had been taught a pre-tribulation rapture. When the Communist take-over came in 1949-50, many believers fell away.

The Christian leaders of China later confessed to Corrie ten Boom that they had taught their Congregations wrongly, and repented of their teaching.

This testimony is an indication that the pre-tribulation teaching has been evaluated in one of the world’s largest harvest-fields, where there are and have been more Christians than there are in all the other nations of the world aggregated as one.

The doctrine has been found lacking. It does not witness to reality during times of persecution, and becomes a stumbling stone to the saints who believe it. It does not prepare them for certain trouble.

John Mathew Thekkel M.A.,Ph.D. (Dr .Sunny Ezhumattoor) writes:

“Today 100% of Pentecostals, 98% of Plymouth Brethren, and 95% of Southern Baptists accept the doctrine of pre-tribulation rapture.”

Are you one of the millions being deceived? (

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