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B3 – Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Who is Babylon the Great

(1) Mystery Babylon
(2) Come Out of Her
(3) The Merchants
(4) Sits on Many Waters
(5) A Double Portion
(6) Babylon Will Never Be Rebuilt
(7) The Greatest Capitalist Nation

Chapter 2: Economic Babylon

(1) The History and Nature of Capitalism
(2) Babylon a Global Power
(3) Her Crime

Chapter 3: The Beast and the Harlot

(1) The Beast Hates the Harlot
(2) The Woman Rides the Beast

Chapter 4: The Culture Whore

(1) The Seducer of the World
(2) Las Vegas, City of Debauchery

Chapter 5: The Global Threat of Corporate Greed

Chapter 6: U.S.A.’s Foreign Crimes

Chapter 7: End-Time Babylon in the Old Testament

(1) Isaiah 13
(2) Jeremiah 50
(3) Jeremiah 51
(4) Other Passages

Chapter 8: Prophecy of The Statue of Liberty

(1) The Woman in A Basket
(2) The Future Destruction of the Statue of Liberty

Chapter 9: U.S.A.’s de facto Covenant With God

(1) Early American Documents
(2) A Few Quotes

Chapter 10: Why U.S.A. is God’s Chosen Nation

(1) A Promise to Abraham
(2) America A Chosen Nation
(3) Freemasons and The Founding of America
(4) Other Issues

Chapter 11: Prophecies and Miracles Related to U.S.A.’s Founding and Future Destruction

(1) America’s Founding: The Legend Begins
(2) The Vision of George Washington
(3) The Great Man in 2 Ezra
(4) Escape From Christendom

Chapter 12: World War 3

(1) Bowls of Wrath
(2) Preparing for the Final Invasion
(3) The Coming Thief
(4) The Battle of Armageddon
(5) Gideon’s Army
(6) Time of Jacob’s Trouble

Chapter 13: The Fall of Babylon the Great

(1) Babylon Falls Twice
(2) Israel is Divided
(3) Asteroids or Missiles

Chapter 14: Gog and Magog

(1) Identity of Gog and Magog
(2) The Invasion of America and Israel
(3) Brief Summary
(4) Revelation 20 Gog and Magog Invasion

Chapter 15: Dreams, Visions, and Prophecies

(1) Prophecy of a 90 Year-old Woman
(2) Violet Jones, 1933
(3) Dream of Islamic Radicals Taking Over Middle East
(4) David Wilkerson, 1985 Prophecy
(5) John Mulinde
(6) The Armenian Prophecy and Secret Letter
(7) The Statue of Liberty Falls to Its Knees
(8) Summary of Other Prophecies
(9) Protection

Chapter 16: Final Thoughts

(1) More From George Washington
(2) One Possible End Time Scenario #1
(3) One Possible End Time Scenario #2:
(4) One Possible End Time Scenario #3:
(5) Carthage Must be Destroyed
(6) The NOT so Secret Rapture
(7) Objections
(8) Conclusion

Walid Shoebat’s Wrong Interpretation

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