Bible Prophecy Revealed

A Prophecy of America’s Future

As we were in worship during my church service, I seen a map of Israel appear. I seen that Jerusalem was highlighted on it. I then seen Donald Trump extend a hand with his forefinger extended, pointing at Jerusalem. He was pointing at various parts of Jerusalem.

I knew through the spirit that these were neighborhoods that were in question and up to debate with the Palestinians as well as the UN (but not with Yahweh). Trump is trying to make peace by dividing Jerusalem. There are always severe consequences to dividing Israel, and especially Jerusalem.

In the vision, I seen Trumps finger turn black, as if it were infected with gangrene, and it fell off and onto the map. This disappears and I then seen a map of America with Alaska and Hawaii. I seen a great sword get stuck into the middle of the map and every state in America, began to leak blood from a suddenly appearing wound. Every state was affected by Trumps decision, with Jerusalem. May the mighty one be glorified and show mercy to His called.

Copyright 2014 by Michael D. Fortner