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Prophecies of War with North Korea

There is a young lady in Poland who is planning to become a nun, who sent me a link to her Youtube video of her telling what she received from God concerning America and North Korea. After I quote what she related, I will give a short commentary. It is her first video, and does not give her name, but the name of her channel is Messenger of God- The end times warnings. The name of the video is NUCLEAR WAR DREAM. N. KOREA- THE USA. DISTRUCTION OF BABYLON. KIM DZONG UN- DONALD TRUMP (

I saw on TV news that North Korea made another test of intercontinental ballistic missile, and it ended with success, unfortunately. Unfortunately, with success. The same day I opened my Bible. . . . I just opened the Bible, and I looked down what pages I got, OK, from the God. And I got the verses about the big fall of the Babylon. About the big fall of the Babylon.

As we know, or if someone doesn’t know, Babylon is the America. The United States of America. For the whole week until now, God is giving me signs that this is going to happen. . . . God gave me a message, there is going to be a nuclear war in the U.S.A. There is going to be a nuclear war, I am sure. I was very afraid to tell it, because I did not want to be a false prophet or somebody.

I have never ever sent any message like this, never ever. . . . God gave me this dream, that vision about war between N. Korea and U.S.A., and N. Korea will strike and will hit with nuclear bombs. And there is not, not a lot of time. . . .

I believe it is going to happen soon, because God told me that it is going to happen during the Donald Trump presidency. . . . [N. Korea] will attack and destroy all your country, all the American country.

The Babylon must fall, it is said in the Bible, that Babylon must fall. All the European Union will also fall, and there will be a revolution in many countries. . . . I had visions, private visions that later came true. And this is the first time I had a serious apocalyptic dream and message from God. . . . I cried so much. . . . We don’t have much time. Please repent, please repent and pray for others, and pray for others.


Ok, here is my commentary. N. Korea will not be able to destroy all of America by itself, as it will not have enough missiles to do that, so it will merely be one of many nations that attack America, which will NOT take place until the very end of the Great Tribulation.

However, it could attack America more than once. Therefore, it could indeed attack America very soon. And whether it will destroy any of our cities in the first attack, I do not know for sure, but at this time I do not believe they will succeed. I believe that their missiles will be shot down over the Pacific Ocean if this attack occurs, but I could be wrong.

God told me last week that we are  in danger of war soon with N. Korea, but I do not know if they nuke us or not, but they could at least try. But even if they do successfully nuke us, they will likely only have a few missiles at that time, so they cannot destroy all of America with only a few missiles. We will then take out their missile bases so they cannot make any more missiles, for a few years at least.

Is it just a coincidence that ALL of AMERICA will receive a total eclipse of the sun August 21st? It is being called the Great American Eclipse. Is it a sign and a warning from God? Will there be some cities and military bases nuked soon?

My books describe TWO falls of Babylon the Great. The first fall I say will likely be economic with the collapse of the dollar, but what if it refers to Babylon the Great being nuked twice? Once at the start of the Great Tribulation, and again more completely at the end?


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