Bible Prophecy Revealed

Vision of True and False Revival

by Patrick Ersig

(Capitalization is in the original.)

Here is the account of a vision from God that I received regarding true and counterfeit revival. This vision occurred on March 4th 2006.

The VISION- Everything was black and I saw one person walking at a semi-brisk pace. Not fast walking, but a slight cadence above normal pace; walking with purpose. This person was walking straight and sure – upright and strong – solemn and serious, like a revolutionary – a warrior – a light to darkness. I then saw a couple more people and then others in the distance and they were bright and shining against the blackness that was all around. They all walked the same way – solemn and serious and the Lord spoke and said, “These are my remnant who are walking in holiness, righteousness, obedience, brokenness and utter submission to MY WILL – watch what I am doing Patrick.” Then I saw the individuals begin to unite in small groups of two to three at first and then more came and the groups grew to five and even ten and the light intensified greatly. It was beautiful like a sunset over the mountains or a sunrise on the ocean, a rose in full bloom.

What I saw next made me burst into tears and sobs to the point that I couldn’t continue to describe what I was seeing. My wife kept saying “What?! what is it? What to do you see?!” After a few minutes I was able to control the weeping to explain what I saw happening. As the Lord was drawing together His remnant into these small groups the power God came down – like in the book of Acts – the lame were walking, the blind were seeing, the deaf were hearing, (literally and figuratively) and persecution fuelled the fire! This end time HOLY and RIGHTEOUS remnant of serious and solemn warriors and revolutionaries walked, in the deep darkness of America and her backslidden lukewarm churches, with apostolic glory and power not seen since the book of Acts – to proclaim the true Gospel of Jesus Christ – repentance and holiness and freedom from sin!

The Lord spoke and said, “This is the revival that I am bringing about and it starts with the individuals who have been called out to personal revival and are walking straight and sure – upright and strong – solemn and serious, like revolutionaries, warriors, lights to darkness. My remnant is walking in holiness, righteousness, obedience, brokenness and utter submission to MY WILL and I am drawing them together.”

Then the vision switched. Now I saw what looked like a dimly lit movie or a video shot with poor lighting. I saw clips of people dancing and shaking. I saw people falling down, shouting, jumping, and singing. There were huge multitudes rather then the few and many, many were coming in large groups that filled large auditoriums and stadiums instead of small groups of individuals being drawn together. Even some of the lights that were in the first part of the vision were drawn to this part of the vision. I saw dancing and clapping, shaking, shouting, strong and powerful emotionalism and sensationalism. Soulish and fleshy spirits claimed to be the Holy Spirit. Great miracles abounded – signs and wonders. People proclaimed, “This is the revival we have been waiting and praying for! -This is the revival we have heard prophesied! – This is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit- a great move of God!”

But the Lord spoke and said, “Patrick this is not from me, this is from Satan, it is a counterfeit! And many will be fooled and tricked by this clever deception from the enemy!”

Then the vision switched again. Now I saw both visions side by side – split screen, so to speak. They both grew in intensity at an equal rate – as the true would grow in power, the false would grow in numbers and as the true would grow in numbers, the false would grow in false signs and wonders. The Lord spoke and said, “This is not a vision of the future, but this has already begun and will grow as the days pass. I am doing this now and the enemy is coming against it at this very moment.”

Conclusion: The Lord is bringing about an end times revival of which the like we have never seen and it begins with you. The Lord is calling you to be separate, to holiness and righteousness unto the Lord and to walk in obedience and utter submission to His will. Be free from sin, be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect, be dead to flesh and alive in Christ. Walk sober and solemn and serious before the Lord with a reverent and holy fear of God. If you are looking and waiting for some big corporate outpouring of emotionalism and signs and wonders you are going to miss the coming revival. The revival starts with you! Seek the Lord and press into Him closer everyday. Allow the Blood and Grace of Jesus to break the bonds of your flesh and produce Holy and Righteous living in your life. Ask the Lord to show you what it is in your life that is keeping you from that which is perfect – no matter how small or how painful; ask the Lord to expose everything that is keeping you from being closer to Him and bring Glory to Him and His kingdom and deeply renounce all that He shows you.

Live your life as a living sacrifice – a living drink offering poured out before the Lord for His glory and honor. There are many things that are cultural, societal and religious that keep us separated from God and walking in His Spirit. Pray for God to bring these things to light and put them to death no matter how hard it may be. If you don’t realize that the revival the Lord is doing begins with you individually, then you are going to miss it! The Lord is calling you today, repent for your lukewarmness and your lackadaisical attitude toward sin in your own life and those who are perishing and plunging into hell all around you everyday! The Lord is calling you today to allow the Blood of Jesus and the grace of God to produce holiness and rivers of righteousness in your life that you maybe salt to a decaying world and light to the darkness that prevails. What will you do? The Lord is calling you right now to make up your mind to love Him with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, take up your cross, die to self and follow HIM – forsaking ALL and seeking after Him with all that you are and have. Come out and be separate in holy, righteous obedience unto God!

WARNING – DO NOT be fooled by these sensual, emotional counterfeits that are and will be popping up, that these people and churches call “revival.” IT IS A TRICK FROM THE ENEMY! When you hear that “revival” has broken out in the next town or the next state or even in your own city – please remember this warning. There will be much singing and dancing and shouting and many things will sound as though they are true. There will be great surges of emotion that will cause people to fall down and jump and shout, cry and weep but this is not from God. Many will be crying out in joy, “Peace, peace.” But God’s Servants will have discernment above and beyond any gift, and a willingness to die than lie -despite the increase of signs and wonders from all of the counterfeit moves around them in the churches. If the revival you are in is not serious and reverent, holy and righteous, and the Love and reverent fear toward God are not the only things you see, then RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, and warn everyone you know. These spirits are strong and extremely powerful – get out of the building and don’t be fooled by the signs and wonders.

Please, I am begging you to remember this, for I know that there will be many who are fooled and even (if possible) drawn away from the real to the counterfeit, but I also know that there will be some who read this warning and remember it and are spared. The true revival army will look like small bands of revolutionaries or Special Forces with an end times mission to complete and Satan’s counterfeit will resemble a band of wild Indians or tribal warriors dancing shouting battle cries.

The true revival army will attack the enemy at its stronghold, sin – their mission will be the souls of men through the power of the Holy Spirit – they will be concerned with setting people free from the bondage of sin through the message of the cross and will watch strongholds of sin topple. Satan’s counterfeit will go after places and methods of sin – they will try to legislate morality and get laws changed, which results in forced morality and no salvations. God’s army will seek to save that which is lost in the streets and alleys; Satan’s army will try to change the laws to prevent sin but result in the salvation of no one. “Whosoever loves his life shall lose it. Whosoever loses his life for My sake, shall find it.”

Satan you are on notice! God is preparing a revival army that is going to tear down the strongholds of your kingdom and Jesus is preparing a bride for Himself that is spotless and pure! God is calling to make a decision right now – what will you do?!

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

Could the above apply to the Lakeland Revival? It seems to.

This was reprinted by permission in The Prosperity Gospel Exposed.


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