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Several generations ago, during one of the most turbulent of the Desert Wars in the Middle East, a spy was captured and sentenced to death by a general of the Persian army. The general had adopted a strange and unusual custom. He permitted the condemned person to make a choice of facing the firing squad or passing through the BLACK DOOR.

As the moment of the execution drew near, the general ordered the spy to be brought before him. “What shall it be,” demanded the general, “the firing squad or the BLACK DOOR?” The prisoner hesitated, but soon made it known that he preferred the firing squad to the unknown horrors that might await him behind the mysterious door. A volley of shots rang out announcing that the grim sentence had been fulfilled.

The general turned to his aid and said, “You see how it is with men. They will always prefer the known way to the unknown. It is characteristic of people to be afraid of the undefined.”

“What lies behind the BLACK DOOR,” asked the aid. “Freedom,” replied the general, “and I’ve known only a few brave enough to take it.”

4 Thoughts on “The BLACK DOOR!

  1. Other countries censor content and not just rogue regimes such as the Iranian mullocracy. Poor people!

  2. Greg May on September 18, 2014 at 5:31 pm said:

    I just finished reading John Hagee’s ‘Four Blood Moons’. He mentions in his book, ‘if’ America betrays Israel . . . obviously his book had not yet gone to press when Obama betrayed Israel. So look out for God to pour out His wrath upon America!

  3. Greg May on January 24, 2015 at 7:25 pm said:

    Twenty years ago a Spirit-filled woman was praying for me when the Holy Spirit said, “Choir . . . you’re going to be in a choir, Greg!” For twenty years I have wondered what that prophecy meant since I can’t carry a tune in a bucket! Recently, Ioaned my copy of John Hagee’s ‘Four Blood Moons: Something Is About To Change’ to a friend who was writing a book about the Rapture. When he returned my book, I saw he had written on the back inside cover, “I have been wondering how to speak for God in these Last Days. Up until now, they have all been singing alone. Perhaps one person could bring their voices together in a CHOIR – maybe this book could be that CHOIR.” When I read that, I realized what the prophecy meant when the Holy Spirit spoke to me twenty years ago. God is doing unusual things in these Last Days – He is revealing secrets He has hidden in the Bible. I’ve got a bombshell to drop – the Bible tells us when the Rapture will occur! You just have to ‘Read Between The Lines of Prophecy’.

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