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A Prophecy about nuclear missiles hitting NYC in 2016

I received this email from a friend of mine in France. He has dreams that come true, usually within 3 months. He had a dream of a nuclear missile over New York City. I have edited it for length and to make his English a little better. My comments are in brackets [ ].

Near the end he predicts a civil war in France is coming soon.


Hello Michael,

I have something to say to you, that you can judge [might] be very disturbing. But, if you don’t like [what] I am saying, please don’t make rude comment. The problem is very simple. I have prophetic gifts. And I am now reaching all my correspondents in USA and even in Canada.

For personal reasons – in despite the fact that I was living in Paris for long – I always felt a special interest for New York. Since many months, I received many (and increasing) signs that New York is doomed. That is not a real surprise.

However, I want to let [you] know, that the last night, I have dreamed about shocking news related to New York. [Here is the dream:]

I was in a press room. There was some excitement in the room. I looked at the headline of a newspaper: “The World War III is on the way.” I heard many discussions between journalists. I was waiting, because I knew that something important was to be revealed.

Then in saw a stone building with a strange hole in its center. The picture was zoomed, and I was looking carefully. The building is tan or beige color and has a rectangular opening whose ends are formed of two triangular tips.

Far above the building, I saw too a red missile, and it was obvious for me that the target was the building. How I know now that was really a missile? First, I see the conic nose. Second, the rear is undoubtedly an empennage formed with three triangular fins, but the fins were on the same plane.

In the last part of my dream, I was talking with the newspaper editor of “Le Monde.” He says loudly that his name is Jérôme Fenoglio. We had a lengthy interview. And I have no idea what we could talk [about]. But I remember that I was asking if a real bad thing occurred to New York. He confirmed that New York was destroyed!

When I am awoke, my first thought was: “So, New York will be nuked soon?” Later, I was searching on internet about this building, because I was not really sure that [it] can even exist. Believe me or not, but this architectural detail pertains of the bridge of Brooklyn! When I searched about a “stone building” with Google, I was guided here:

It is absolutely unbelievable, but what I saw in my dream is exactly this:


So, I do think that Manhattan is the real target.

I swear that I had never travelled to New York, and I was absolutely amazed by my stupefying discovery! I want to do some comments about the details that can be found in my dream. These details are extremely important.

In the dream, I didn’t see any water (river or sea). So, I could not guess that I see a bridge in my dream and not a real building. Now, I can see why: We must check the sky, and not the water around New York or even the city itself.

It is perfectly illogic for a missile to have an empennage with three tails in the same plane. I was wondering too how come that the missile was red! Furthermore, the strange form of the missile must probably force me to revise the primary interpretation. Perhaps it is too hasty to conclude that a nuclear missile can strike the city, because I saw – at the very beginning of the dream – the headlines of a newspaper about the World War III.

I was a bit stunned, about the fact that the dream was somewhat insistent about the name of the newspaper editor, that is right. And I think that he wanted to draw my attention to the word “monde” or “world”, as if this the dramatic event in New York will have global impact.

Another significant remark: the journalist didn’t probably say: “You are right, New York was nuke!,” but he said for sure: “The city is destroyed!”

[I disagree with his interpretation below, he sees a missile and the paper said war, so that must be nuclear missile. Yet he thinks it could also be an asteroid.]

I have now another interpretation: the missile that I saw can be a stylized form or a comet (or a fragment of this comet), “a red ball with a tail”! The view is interesting, because a comet that struck the city is not really an impossible thing. And what it happen if the comet fall in the Atlantic sea? A huge tsunami will flood the east coast of America!

We can even infer that this “red missile” is in fact the sword of the wrath of God. So, there are again another way to understand what I saw, but this is now a more theological conclusion than a objective analysis.

[He includes a prophecy by someone else about a tsunami hitting the east coast, which I am not including here.]

I want to do a last remark about the time window. One month before this dream (April, 22th precisely), I [had] a dream cleverly encrypted, and he suggest me much later, that a shocking event will eventually occur before September, 11th. This dream contained some private information that suggest something is related with the word “nuclear,” but the point is that I didn’t see the relationship between the two dreams until the last [few] days! I want to point out that there was not direct information related on the USA in the dream done on April, 22.

My feeling is that the critical period going [is] July to August 2016. It is well known that USA was a special nation blessed by God. So, if a bad thing occurs in “JerUSAlem,” it can be between July, 23th and August, 13th. Why? Because the Jews usually mourns and groan about the ninth of Av – a day where many decisive and often tragic events occurred:


Three weeks before, the Jews commemorate the seventeenth of Tammuz:


This is a day where the walls of Jerusalem were broken. In 2016, the seventeenth of Tammuz is July, 23th and the ninth of Av coincide with August, 13th. A not ordinary date: in 1917, Mary talked at Fatima on the 13th of each month between May and October! . . .

I noticed too that New York is a very special city, because the huge foreign community [of] Jews are living in this city. New York is really in the heart of global Jewry! These ISIS mad men has obviously a dream: destroy really New York, the symbol of arrogant America. And how magnificent for them, will be a direct attack against the Jews too!

Lastly, I want to cite a paper that draws attention to an unusual statement from Obama:


The last thing to say is that I do very few prophetic dreams. But the bad news is that, generally, the realisation is within three months. So, I want to shout: “For the righteous before God, it is now the time to flee Babylon!” How I can tell that to my friends that are living in America? In France, I have many problems because I tell too frankly the truth. The wrath of God is big. And the America will fall soon because of [its] sins.

In France, in Europa, we must face to the same problem. There are even ominous signs that we are on the eve of a bloody revolution in France. Migrants and foreigners will surely play a key role. I want to add that I have experienced two spectacular signs (and not dreams) in three weeks, about the revolution coming in France. These signs are very special, and can’t be understand without a lengthy explanation that involve some historical elements.

Let me know if this interpretation fit more with your thinking. But I now have further certainty that a dramatic event will strike very soon New York and its surrounding, and it can’t be avoided. Those who are righteous before God will understand plainly that the wrath of God is for real now. I have no doubt that many will experience a huge fear, and some will change fortunately their path. As that was said in the Bible: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

Philippe C.


4 Thoughts on “A Prophecy about nuclear missiles hitting NYC in 2016

  1. M L Fowler on June 17, 2016 at 8:53 pm said:

    In Oct 2011 I had a dream of being in New York City seeing the final wires and access panel for a nuclear device being assemble
    Then I transported / ended up in the Sand Hills of Nebraska, waiting for it to exploded.
    When it did explode it topped out at 80,000 feet. { I knew as a military veteran most atomic explosions top out around 60K to 65K} It exploded near the start of the business Day and was noticed in Chicago.
    The electronic mass media was till in Operation.
    Then I was arrested & Interrogated by Men in Black at the Hog Farm I grew up on.

    I believe what this dream was telling me was that there was going to be an economic triggering device that happened in the Asian or European markets, overnight that caused an economic meltdown of Madison Ave & Wall Street and this would affect the Chicago Commodity markets

  2. 2016 is coming to a close. Thankfully, Philippe was incorrect.

  3. I have also dreamt of New York being nuked. There is a passenger plane involved with British Airways markings. (Flight 8, 2 4B? Not sure what this means if anything at all). Trump is involved and will take a flight to Russia. According to my dream, he plans to bring America down. The date I have seen is October 31st but this is uncertain too.

  4. I also dreamt of Paris, Eiffel Tower… Whether linked or not I do not know.

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