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2017 Prophecy: Israel Split, America Divided, Great Tribulation Begins

Here is the best of a video that was more than 2 hours long prophecy. I edited it down to just the best and most important parts. Also removing 99% of the translator speaking in Hindi or Tamali.

Other than these events taking place in 2017, what he says agrees with my interpretation of Bible prophecy. (I do not give any dates.) I knew the time must be close, because America is heading for civil war, or at the very least, division. This is said by other prophecies to be the state of America during the Great Tribulation.

This prophecy says the Church will be judged in 2017 and a separation will take place, which I mention in Discoveries in Bible Prophecy (Book 1 of the series). This event will take place before the Great Trib begins.

He also mentions a meteor shower that will burn up trees, volcanic eruptions, and so forth, which can only be the Trumpets of Revelation, so it appears these events will at least BEGIN during 2017. He does not say the Great Trib begins, but it is obvious from what he says that it must be the beginning of the GT, in late 2017.

By the way, we are currently in year 5777 of the Jewish calendar, Donald Trump was 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old on the day he took the oath of office to become President, and the date is 2017 by the Western calendar. There are a lot of 7s there, so are the 7 Trumpets about to start sounding?

There have been many videos posted to youtube for about 5 years showing trumpet-like noise in the sky. Here is one that occurred Oct. 1st 2016 over Jerusalem and included a ring-shaped cloud:

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