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Read this web site and you will learn a lot about what to look for to know whether we are at the end or not.

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The position of this website and my books:

  1. The beast and false prophet are based in Islam, so the Ottoman Islamic empire will rise from the Abyss, which means come back to life.
  2. The beast will NOT rule the entire planet
  3. America will NOT be destroyed before the Great Tribulation begins, but will suffer one or more major natural disasters that will badly wound us, thereby allowing the beast to rise to power.
  4. America is Babylon the Great and will be mostly destroyed at the end of WW3, but God will save the Christians who did not go in the Rapture.
  5. The Rapture is Pre-Wrath, yet posttrib
  6. There will be a U.S. civil war, and the preliminaries appear to be taking place now.
  7. The nuclear war will cause black clouds to cover the planet, causing the darkness predicted in many places in the Old and New Testaments.
  8. There will be a massive asteroid impact after the nuclear war and contribute to the Three Days of Darkness.
  9. Many other natural disasters take place during the Wrath of God, including poison air,  volcanic eruptions, huge earthquakes, etc.that will kill more people than nuclear war.
  10. The Ten Toes of Daniel 2 will NOT rule the world, but WILL break apart (Book 1).

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Bible Prophecy Revealed: 

Book One

Discoveries in Bible ProphecyFront-1a1

Revised and Updated (Nov. 2015)

* Proof that the beast comes to power with the 5th Trumpet
* The smoking gun that Kills the pretribulation Rapture
* The United States FOUND clearly several times
* Evidence the Great Tribulation could begin soon
* A new interpretation of Daniel’s 4 beasts
* A new interpretation of Daniel’s ten toes
* New discoveries about Daniel’s 70th week
* Evidence that the Bride of Christ is not the entire Church
* Proof positive that the beast will NOT rule the entire planet
* Missiles and rockets described in detail, even the warhead


Book Two

The Beast and False Prophet Revealedfront-2a

* Islam’s connection to the second beast of Revelation
*How and why the Turkey will rise to be the beast
* The Christian Armenian Genocide found in Bible prophecy
* Islam’s connection to 666
* The history of the beast that reveals its Satanic character
* Shows the how the beast is even now clawing at the edges of the Abyss trying to get out
* The Shocking truth about the image of the beast
* The Quran found in Bible prophecy,

Read this great review from Amazon: DMarie's review of The Beast and False Prophet Revealed


Front-Cover-Final-1a-smallBook Three

The Fall of Babylon the Great America

* Solid evidence that America is Babylon the Great.
* How America will FALL twice.
* How America is, Political, Economic, and Cultural Babylon.
* How America will be split into 3 parts.
* Why America became such a rich and powerful nation.
* How America is headed for a civil war, and will be nuked,



Book Four

The Approaching Apocalypse and Three Days of DarknessFront-3

* Nuclear war and asteroid impact will bring the Three Days of Darkness.

* There will also be volcanic eruptions, huge earthquakes, fire from heaven, and poison air.

* Christ returns during the Three Days of Darkness and burns up the dark clouds with fire from heaven, saving the world from self-destruction.

* A small second sun will appear in the sky that will come close to Earth and burn us with it flames.

* Learn about the mass vision that was seen by 70-80,000 people in 1917 that warns us of the Day of Judgment.

* Contains many prophecies from inside and outside the Bible:
Book of Enoch, Sibylline Oracles, Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha,
Catholics and Protestants, and even Nostradamus.


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To anyone who may disagree with me on some point, I want to challenge you to prove me wrong! Yes, take what I have written and analyze it and show me how and why my interpretation of a particular passage is wrong.

I give this challenge because people don’t really know why they believe what they believe. They like to make blanket statements based on long-held beliefs that cannot be supported by a careful analysis of Scripture. Also, if I happen to be wrong on some point I want to know it so I can correct my belief on that subject.

I know that selling a new interpretation will be difficult. The Wright Brothers were flying and charging the public for flights, or perhaps to watch flights (I cannot remember which), for 2 years before the press would even report on it. The press just did not believe the Wright Brothers had actually flown. Likewise, many people do not believe a new interpretation is possible; or at least not a believable one.

Innovation never comes from the established institutions; it’s always a graduate student or a crazy person or somebody with a great vision.” (Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, CBS/60 Minutes interview)

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  1. Jack D. Hook on January 24, 2013 at 4:40 pm said:

    President Obama: The Judgment Chronicles

    **After reading this letter please “forward” it to your family and friends who you think might be interested. If you are a fellow veteran of the military please respond and let me know when and where you served.**


    I happened to see your name and address posted on a website’s forum guestbook and was wondering if you were open to reading some things I have written? And thank you for allowing internet contact by posting your email address publically, for the last thing I want to do is intrude or be needlessly offensive. Isn’t it great that the internet provides for the free flow and exchange of knowledge?

    So, I would like to invite you to visit my website if you are interested in knowing more about today’s political-religious-military events, including those in Israel and America, and how they relate to Bible prophecy from one Vietnam veteran’s perspective.

    The United Nations organization has been waiting for the leader of Western civilization to emerge from the left wing-right wing political battle that has raged in America this year. The UN has many pressing economic, political, religious, and military issues before it that are bringing chaos to the global order. World War III is on the horizon if something is not done to prevent it.

    Obama has been re-elected, the left wing has prevailed. What does this mean for the New World Order and to those of us who are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, who look and long for his second coming because we have confessed our sin and trusted in the atoning shed blood of the Savior for our eternal salvation.

    I have been writing for some time now that the Western Roman civilization led by America has been “given up” or given over to divine judgment by the Lord Jesus Christ because of their rejection of him, his coming Kingdom, and his teachings. This rejection goes back in time to when Christendom was overtaken by false Christian leaders (like Constantine and Augustine) who imagined that the Roman Empire was to be used by God to give Christendom dominion over the nations of the world. Wars and rumors of war, and many diverse sorrows growing in intensity and frequency have filled the history books ever since this great delusion of dominion filled the hearts of most who professed to be Christians. The worst is yet to come, as the saying goes.

    It will be interesting to see how President Obama deals with his right wing adversaries now that he has defeated them on the political battlefield. Remember, he is a professing Christian himself, even though it is obvious he has mixed his profession with his childhood Islamic faith. He, like President Bush before him, continues to expose his ignorance of who Jesus Christ really is when he says Islam is a true religion of peace that lifts up Jesus as a prophet. But Islam rejects that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God who came to this earth as God in the flesh being both fully God and fully man, and claimed to be the only way to inherit eternal life through his death and resurrection. This makes Islam a false religion among many that reject the person and teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Below I have posted an article I wrote in 2006 entitled “The Judgment Chronicles” that outlines the coming divine judgments of our Father in Heaven. Please take the time to read it. I would appreciate your comments, questions, and yes, even criticisms, so don’t hesitate to send me an email. The amazing political-religious-economic events taking place in America, Israel, and the Islamic nations, are causing great perplexity for the leaders of the United Nations organization. As I said, the fear of a nuclear World War III is paralyzing the minds of men as Iran’s leaders continue to declare that Israel will soon be wiped off the map.

    Those who know and trust in our Lord Jesus understand these things must come to pass, just as the Lord said when he was here the first time to offer all men forgiveness of sin and entrance into his coming Kingdom by his shed blood. Remember, it is Satan and his fallen angels who have temporarily been given by God dominion over all nations and kingdoms until the second coming of Jesus Christ. It is these evil ones who are stoking the fears, lusts, and hatred in men who reject the wholesome teachings of our Lord as they work to set the stage for their false Messiah, known as the Antichrist. Jesus Christ will, at his coming, chain these fallen angels in the Bottomless Pit for 1000 years when he sets up his millennial Kingdom on this earth.

    Your eternal friend,


    Babylon the Great is Falling

    The Judgment Chronicles


    I have consistently written ever since the fiery inferno of 9/11, that increasing interest in the Book of Revelation would make these last days a very religious time. Is it happening? Yes! For even the profiteering prophets of the Hollywood elite are jumping on the gravy train with programming filled with invading aliens, ghosts, angels, and films with every conceivable natural disaster that will end the world. They want a piece of the pie the prosperity and prophecy prophets of Christian television have created.

    Moreover, only people like the die hard atheist and the lukewarm Christian look at current religious, political, military, and natural events and then stick their heads back in the sand to avoid the obvious. I know this is true, for in my past and to my shame I have been an atheist and later a lukewarm Christian.

    Even the religion of Islam has its own interpretations of biblical prophecy, which includes the notion that God has raised up Islam and its coming Messiah (Mahdi) to convert or destroy all decadent Jews and Christians and then establish an Islamic world empire in the Holy Land. But the Book of Revelation, and the Jewish prophets on which it is based, reveals a different outcome. However, one thing that some in Islam and Christendom have in common is the idea that cataclysmic divine judgment is about to fall upon this world.

    In this article I will chronicle or put in order how this judgment is to unfold and who it will fall upon. It is a more detailed and descriptive account of the “Prophecy Timeline” I first wrote in my book over twenty-five years ago which you can read on my web site. As I have also repeatedly written, no man knows the day or hour when this final judgment of God will begin. All we are given from the scriptures are signs that mark the final generation. And it has been my understanding and conviction that all of these religious, political, military, and natural signs we have experienced run parallel to the establishment of the State of Israel and the return of the Jewish people to their God-given homeland.

  2. Derek on July 15, 2013 at 7:34 pm said:

    Hello sir, the prophet Muhammad has been given the final book of guidance for mankind. Will you deny the mercy of God? If you truly want to know the source of the evil in the world, look no further than the largest private banks… they own the US currency and the British pound, as well as the “country” of Israel. Not to mention they own the all western media. The Us is supplying arms to the Al-Qaeda extremists in the middle east which are in Syria at the moment, and they where created by the US in the 70’s to fight the soviets in Afghanistan. They have taken a large part in the uprisings in the arab world, making a play on the social uprisings of the people who are not happy with foreign dictators governing them. Don’t let their “islam” fool you, it is rather the same as that of Suadi Arabia, which is a salafist form of belief, meaning anyone that doesn’t believe in what they believe are unbelievers and deserve to die. and a very hadith based view, not supported whatsoever by the Quran. This is not true Islam, Islam means Submission to God, and we come from the same merciful and forgiving Lord. I urge you study and understand these conflicts that I am mentioning in the middle east and especially do some research into the Quran before making such dishonorable claims on your website. Remember the day of judgement, you are and will be held responsible for any claims that you make. Peace.

    • okmike on July 16, 2013 at 3:15 pm said:

      It is good that you are not out to force your Islam upon others, but that is not what Muhammad did, he forced Islam upon all the tribes in Arabia, then sent letters to Constantinople and Persia asking them to embrace Islam. We know what happened, they did not so they were invaded.

      The first conflict was just before Muhammad died, but it continued until all the Middle East was conquered. The people were given 3 choices, convert to Islam, be ruled by Islam, or fight. If they fought and lost the women and children were raped and sold into slavery, the men of fighting age were slaughtered.

      These are historical facts, your Islam is not the original Islam. You should read some books like The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades, by Robert Spencer, or The Religion of Peace, Why Christianity is but Islam is not, by Robert Spencer.

      Every 5 minutes a Christian is killed in the Middle East, and not by Al-Qaeda extremists, but ordinary Muslims. And 95% of all honor killings in the world are done by Muslims.

      Please get more informed with the facts of history.

      • Mr. Bernie Dolce on October 9, 2015 at 7:40 pm said:

        Ten commandments are twisted to suit the needs of the moment by most every Christian since Jesus walked the earth. Thy shall not kill! There is no clause. Vengeance is MINE sayeth the Lord, Unless you are the son of God. You are a sinner with every life you endorse taking in war or death penalty.

        Care for the needy as they are thy brothers and sisters. No budget for those in need. I have yet to meet a true Christian outside a very few religious organizations leadership.

        Defending the unborn is essential, however after birth your obligation does not end. Restoring the moral fiber of the nation is key. Returning to the nuclear Family and establishing a sense of community is critical in the survival of our nation.

        Money is the root of all evils.

    • this is to the muslims reading, you may not be violent, God judges the heart, but open up to the truth, it has just been told to you, i would suggest you listen and find courage, as i hear they the muslims will come after and Kill those muslims that convert to Christianity. Now is that really how a God of love works? no and hell no its man, control power, greed and so on……… we are all sinners, but at least call on Jesus to save your soul!

    • all forms of greed are evil, along with violence and so on, also to include that is some religions if you choose to leave or convert to Christianity, they will punish or kill you. Jesus is the son of God, He was sent to us as a gift, to show us the love and mercy of God.. Jesus is the way, He gave up His life for Your soul! Please call on Him, and do not fear…and i will bet my life on it!

  3. Kermit Robertson on December 3, 2013 at 8:45 pm said:

    I just finished reading “Discoveries in Bible Prophecy” and would like to be notified when the next book is available, preferably on Kindle as that is where I do most of my reading except for my morning daily Bible reading which is on my iPhone. I just turned 71 a few days ago and have been taught all of my life of the “pre-tribulation rapture.” My youngest son has said for years that this doctrine is wrong and that it is at the Feast of Trumpets. He has a strong argument. It is good to find someone who explains in and the two of you are in much agreement. My wife and I bought him a copy of your book and he has read it. I think he must have completed it the first day he got it from comments he has made. I plan to start rereading it shortly but first I will reread Jeremiah, Daniel, and Revelation.

    Enjoyed your book and looking forward to your next.

  4. Will send you a notice when it comes out. Probably not for several months, unless I shorten it into two; one about the beast and false prophet, and one about the wrath of God.

  5. I finished your book, “Discoveries in Bible Prophecy,” last evening and I must say it is an enjoyable read. Contrary to what I have been taught since I was about 6 months old (71 years ago) I believe for the most part your interpretation is dead on. My youngest son Thomas D. Robertson wrote Sleeping Saints a few years ago and has been working on a new book concerning this very topic and much along the same line. Neither of us knew about your book until a few weaks ago and my wife and I each bought a book for our Kindles and then bought one for Tom.

    Thank you for writing the book and please let us know when you write the squeal.

  6. Thanks for your comments, if you could post a review on Amazon, that would be great.

    • My comments are written on 5 Stars! Excellent!

      Best thing I hope to do is engage a home study to read a portion and then discuss.

      That format would also work well for SS class or Small Group in church.

  7. Understand…I struggled through the initial 3/4 and then somehow the Holy Spirit encouraged me to continue. Thereafter, it was clear, the cobwebs were gone, and I understood well enough to accept. Therefore, my opinion is that this book is in the thick of spiritual warfare. God will prevail – as you well know. Don’t be discouraged but rather encouraged that the enemy is so prevalent against you. That is the primary reason to know you are on God’s side. As a footnote, I have never been interested in prophecy, which explains to me some of my original confusion/lack of knowledge. (my fault alone)
    You have a good book that is timely and the recognition will come but first it needs to be read. Hang on!

  8. Robbin Willard on April 19, 2014 at 2:49 pm said:

    Admiring the time and energy you put into your website and in depth information you provide.
    It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while
    that isn’t the same outdated rehashed material. Great read!
    I’ve saved your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  9. The first two books in the Bible prophecy revealed series are amazing and I can’t wait for the next!!!! I have been asking God to lead me in the right direction, help me understand the Holy Bible, to give me knowledge, to tell me his mysteries and secrets, to understand Bible prophecy and God guided me to these books!!!! and yes as the author opined, God uses the lowly and humble for his mighty works…everything Mr. Michael Fortner interpreted is agreeable as he shows the written words themselves as proofs.

    the books are mind blowing and are a must read for every Christian and even atheists…..all I can say is first ask God to guide you to understand Bible prophecy and read the books and u will know for yourself….I think these books are a MUST READ and are a treasure trove. ANY ONE KEEN TO STUDY AND UNDERSTAND GOD’S WORD, THE BIBLE, MUST READ THESE BOOKS…they are like answers…everything in the Bible becomes crystal clear once u read these books !!!

    • Thank you very much. If you could leave a review on Amazon, that would really be double great! Thanks again.

      • i couldn’t write a review on amazon as i could not buy the two books on amazon with my debit card, my friend in the US bought the kindle books and sent me via e-mail…

        • Ok, I understand. Thanks for letting me know.

          • sir, i messaged you on facebook, i understand that you might have to respond to many queries and so are busy, can i have your e-mail id, i came across something interesting that might interest you and also i have a doubt from the first book…please

  10. Greetings, BPR. All of you might like to peruse “Famous Rapture Watchers” which can be seen on Joe Ortiz’s “The End Times Passover” blog dated May 5, 2014. You will find out which “rapture” views predominated during the Church’s first 1800 years!

  11. I happened across this link on some page that happened along on Facebook & read everything you had posted & the remarks-I hope there are paperbacks of your books at the local library? Looks SO interesting @ I love prophesy! Can’t wait to get my hands on them. Do you have the order they should be read? Please let me know. Thank you.

    • They are best read 1,2,3. But they are not at the local library. They only carry books by big-name people. You can order the ebooks cheap, only 2.99 each. Still cheaper than buying one print copy, and cheaper than any of the big-name ebooks.

  12. Reference your book “Discoveries in Bible Prophecy” Chapter 3, para (5), sub paras, 2,3 4,and 5 you stated that tetrads occurred on Passover and Yom Kippur (paras 2,3 & 4), and Trumpets (para 5). Since Yom Kippur is celebrated on Tishri 10 during the waxing of the moon and trumpets is on Tishri 1 at a new moon, blood moons can’t take place at these times. They can only be seen on the feast of Tabernacles when a full moon takes place. I don’t dispute that the events you described took place but I don’t see how they can be related to tetrads.

    • Actually the Springs of 2014 and 2015.
      I am not referring to the tetrad that took place on Passover and Tabernacles in 2014 and 2015. Passover and Tabernacles both take place on a full moon so four blood moons on these feasts did take place resulting in a tetrad I am referring to the tetrads that, according to the book, took place the years 795/796, 842/843, 860/861, and 1493/1494. You cannot have a blood moon on Yom Kippur or Trumpets as stated in the book because these feasts do not take place on a full moon which is the only time a total eclipse or blood moon can take place. I am not saying that the events outlined in the book for the years given above did not take place. I am saying that if the feasts given in the book (Yom Kippur and Trumpets) are correct then a tetrad could not have taken place because you cannot have the full moon needed for a blood moon on these feasts. If the tetrad was completed on 2 Passovers and 2 Tabernacles in these years you’re OK. But it cannot be done on 2 Passovers and Yom Kippur or Trumpets because blood moons cannot take place on these feasts.

      • You are probably right. I cannot remember where I got that information, but sources can be wrong. I plan to do a revised book in January, so I will likely revise that as well. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

        • No problem. I am just an old retired guy who has been reading comments on Revelation since Hal Lindsay put out his book “The Late Great Planet Earth” in the 1970s. I have read all three of your books superficially and I am now doing a second reading looking at more detail. Throughout your books I came across the phrase ‘this (or that) is nonsense” several times when your interpretation on a matter differed from the “standard models”. I think that attitude on your part puts a bulls eye on your back. People who believe in the “standard models” will be out to prove you wrong any way they can. I can see them picking up on a detail like the tetrads and saying this is nonsense therefore all your work must be nonsense which is of course nonsense. I am looking forward to your next book if you can get it published before the GT starts. Keep the fresh ideas flowing.
          Tom B

          • Thanks brother. I have updated my time frame for Book 4, it was in 2017 or 2018, but it came together amazingly fast, and will be out in Feb. or March of 2016.

  13. Ronald Kemple on November 7, 2015 at 4:45 am said:

    How do I sign up for your web site updates like it says to do on the last page of the body of your first book, Discoveries in Bible Prophecy?

    • You don’t sign up for updates, you just check for posted updates in particular articles. For example there is a page with updates on the Abomination of Desolation.

  14. Denise on June 8, 2016 at 12:49 pm said:

    Very insightful website. But my question to American Christians is why when it comes to end time prophecy you ignore Ethiopia? Christian Ethiopia was invaded by Mussolini in 1936. He was given the sword of Islam. The Italians beheaded anyone with cross – the priests, monks; burned women and children in their homes. Used poison gas. Over 6 million ethiopian Christians and jews were slaughtered not to mention the Ethiopian Muslims who stood with their brothers and sisters. It was Ethiopia that warned Europe about Hitler and Mussolini and Europe did nothing to help Ethiopia. 1936 until May 5 1941. I love the Armenian Christians. BUT I can’t account for the continual ignoring of ethiopia other than due to the philosophy and doctrine of racism. If the judgement is based on such superficial things as the color of a person’s skin who says you have the full understanding of end times. Many of God’s people are poor and suffering but in disobedience to the Father have opened up hell on this earth.

    • I cannot give you a full answer on all the questions you raise. However, I do know that many Christians and nonChristians have been slaughtered in many countries over the years. Idi Amin slaughtered millions in Uganda.

      Perhaps because of the survivors who fled to USA and Europe, who have likely been the cause of not letting this be forgotten. The survivors themselves working to keep the memory alive.

      Regarding Bible prophecy, the attack of the Armenians is something that the world has not forgotten, and it was literally in the deserts of the Middle East where must of the murders took place, and the MAIN focus, but not the only focus, of Bible prophecy is the Middle Eastern area.

      So it is likely that it was mentioned merely because it was the last act of murder against Christians done by the Ottoman Empire, and was famous. So it could be recognized as being such in the Bible.

      • Denise on June 8, 2016 at 3:38 pm said:

        Thanks Okmedia for your response. I understand. I hope as the Lord leads you can open the door for American Christians and look more into our beautiful country Ethiopia. America has such a prophetic role and destiny and was a great friend to Ethiopia at one time, before obviously the American leadership got taken over 100% by satanists.

        The Middle East. Ethiopia has always been a part of the Middle East and Africa. In the East, it’s usually the Armenian Church and the Ethiopian church that normally vie for top stop as 1st Christian nation in the world. Even though many Western scholars, focus on Rome and state that Ethiopia became Christian in the 4th century. Ethiopia’s Christian roots go directly to the Apostles as does Armenia’s.

        There’s a book: Gadlya Hawaryat (The Contending of the Apostles) for your reference. Apostle Philip preached the gospel to the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts of the Apostles). The Ethiopian Eunuch was an Ethiopian Jew. It was Apostle Matthew that went back to the Ethiopian eunuch and then also to the entire Ethiopian royal family and taught them/converted them to Christians. According to our history, Apostle Matthew was in Ethiopia for at least 23 years. Apostle Mark was the founding father of the Egyptian Church. Apostle Bartholomew the founding father of the Armenian Church.

        Our history goes back to the very beginning. We have some of the oldest ancient manuscripts. It’s in the Ethiopic, that the entire book of the Hebrew book of Jubilees was preserved. Book of Enoch…there are so many.

        Unfortunately, we do play a role in prophecy in that it was one of our Christian kings who offered Prophet Muhummad protection – he and his followers when they were being chased out of Arabia. He fled into Ethiopia.

        I find it ironic that the Apostles didn’t ignore Ethiopia but modern Christians do.
        I speak about Mussolini as many of my family were impacted by his actions. Italy/Rome invaded Ethiopia in 1936 – occupied our nation until 1941. Italy/Rome also invaded Ethiopia in 1896 and were defeated at the Battle of Adwa.

        I think the fullness and some of the areas that missing from the prophetic understanding of this time – will be much more complete – when those that study prophecy – begin to take a look at Christian Ethiopia.

        We along with our Armenian brothers and sisters have fought side by side and I know Ethiopia as a Christian nation which it is not now – but when it was – was a fierce defender of the faith and Jesus Christ. We have martyrs and heroes of the faith that always inspire me.

        Thanks for your time!


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